Large or small, all of our homes are customised. Tel. 519.351.8722

New Homes

The first step is for our team to meet with you to discuss all of your requirements and expectations. Once the appropriate documents are completed we start the customization of your new home, from layout, flooring, and cabinetry, to plumbing fixtures and more. Once all of the features are selected we take great pride in turning your project into your home.


We appreciate the fact that you are opening your home up to our team. We guarantee our team will be professional, courteous and bondable. After we assess your renovation we will provide you a timeline and a list of deliverables. We finish all of our jobs, on time and on budget, whilst respecting the fact that we are in your home.


New home buyers receive deposit protection up to $20,000.00, delayed closing protection, delayed occupancy protection for condominium buers, protection against substitution of key elements in both single family homes and condominium projects, one year builder’s warranty on workmanship, materials and Ontario Building Code violations & much much more!